Can I Build You A Real Estate Portal?

#1 Marketing Strategy For 2016 And Beyond

Watch the short 5-minute video or scroll down to find out why having a real estate portal is the most powerful marketing strategy in the Digital Age (and how you can get your own portal).

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Here's How You Can Get Your Own Local Real Estate Portal To Compete (And Beat) Zillow...Without Code or Technical Skills

It's a lot of work but we can build you a real estate portal using WordPress, Plugins and some custom code and get it set up within a couple of days.


Why Do I Need a "Local Zillow" Real Estate Portal?

When you really think about it shouldn't every new agent be taught from day 1 to relentlessly build a database of every home and every resident, including their address and contact details?

Isn't that database the very lifeblood of every marketing campaign and the most important asset in our real estate business?

At the very heart of our business we match buyers and sellers (clients) with homes (inventory). Shouldn't we know every buyer, seller and home in our local market?

If you agree with the above then the reason you need a real estate portal is because it is the best way to create a local real estate and resident database.

By building a real estate portal you will own an incredibly powerful marketing platform that will generate income for you both during your real estate career and into your retirement.

And if you need proof just look at Zillow - the most popular real estate website in the world.

How did Zillow become so successful and reach a $4 billion market value? They build a real estate portal - they just went big and did it on a national level.

Why Copy Zillow?

Because Zillow Is The Most Popular Real Estate Website In The World And Has PROVEN That Their Model Works?

Don't Give Up Your Neighborhood To Zillow!

Nobody knows the local real estate market like we do. Certainly not Zillow. So why have we given up our market to Zillow and agreed to pay them thousands of dollars (a month) to get leads?

It's time to take back your neighborhood.

Real Estate Data Is Public

The real estate data we need to build a portal is public data that is usually freely available and in digital format.

While we can't replicate the engineering marvel that is the Zillow database of 130 million homes, we can build a local real estate portal with around 12 data fields per home.

We only need 12 data fields. Any more than that and its better to use our other main marketing tool, the MLS.

Own Your Own Portal

We now have the technology and real estate data to build a local real estate portal a.k.a. your very own "Local Zillow".

You can use the portal to connect with every local homeowner, get them to opt-in to receive messages from you and position yourself as the local market expert.

That's why you need to own your own real estate portal.

Here's How You Compete With And Beat Zillow In Your Local Market!

Hint - You have it and Zillow will never "get it".

You're The Local Expert, Not Zillow!

The one thing that you have is local real estate expertise. You know your market like your own backyard. You understand the impact of local factory closures or the building of a new Google campus. You understand "curb appeal" and how it impacts home values.

All Zillow can do is retroactively apply national engineering solutions and data analysis.

That's why their Zestimates and local neighborhood guides stink!

Zillow sees the house, you see the home.

You're The Local Authority

When you add expert local content to your portal you position yourself as the local market authority and a community leader.

Zillow will never be able to do that! Only a real person who cares about and lives in the community can ever enjoy that authority.

You Need To "Be The Local Zillow"

Take Back Your Neighborhood From Zillow

Here Is What You Get When You Get Started Today...

Stage #1 - Real Estate Website with General Real Estate Content

In stage 1 we'll set up the website and marketing platform.

We'll get a domain, add WordPress, add all the plugins and widgets and customize them for each local area.

Then we'll add general real estate content to attract visitors to the site.

Stage #2 - Real Estate Portal Including A Listing Page For Every Home (Not Just Active Listings)

In stage 2 we'll obtain or purchase a copy of your local market database and upload it to the portal, creating a page for every home.

This part is a bit technical but we wrote some code that allows us to automate the process to quickly create listing pages.

Stage #3 - A Homeowner Portal With Membership Access And Expert Local Real Estate Content

Next we'll add a membership site, called the Homeowner Portal, to the back end of the website.

The Homeowner Portal is where we'll add our expert real estate content and will require local residents to register and login to access the content.

Here's the key - when a local homeowners register they will give us their contact details .... plus permission to contact them.

Stage #4 - A Membership Marketing Campaign To Register Every Local Homeowner And Resident

The final phase is to create a number of marketing campaigns to enroll mew members.

Our goal is to get every local resident to register and become a member of our portal.

Purchase Your Own Real Estate Portal OR Partner With Us

We can build the portal for you or build it on our dime and send referrals to you. If you like what you see you will have the option to buy the portal.

Here are two simple options for you to get your Own Local Real Estate and Homeowner Portal

Option #1 - Purchase Your Portal

You can purchase your portal and own everything.

We'll build the portal for you and deliver the finished product.

The price is calculated at $1 per population head in your chosen local area as per the US Census Bureau figures. If you choose a neighborhood of 8,000 people the price would be $8, 000.

For larger area we can discuss a reduced price but we encourage you to limit the size of your area.

For more details email

Option #2 - Lease Your Portal

If you lease the portal we will build everything on our dime and in return you agree to pay a 25% referral fee. We'll handle all the technical stuff and initial content but you agree to help us add expert local content.

In addition (because we know you really would prefer to own it) you will have an option for 3-years to buy the portal. If it works well we're sure you will buy it. If it doesn't work well you can simply walk away. A try before you buy type deal like the love in Missouri.

There is a set up fee of $250. This covers our licensing and tech costs.

Here's the link to partner with us.

Get Your Portal ▹

If you want to discuss purchasing the portal (and owning everything immediately), please send an email to

Your Retirement Plan

It's not easy to retire as a Realtor as the day we stop working is usually the day we stop earning. We can't sell our business (for much) as all we really have to sell is a client list.

No more commission checks. No pension. No 401K.

One solution is to build assets, like a real estate portal, that you can either sell or lease out to other agents. In fact if you build a number of portals you can leverage them to build a real estate team while working and then sell or lease each portal when you're ready to retire.

As long as you own the portal you know you can generate leads that will turn into 25% referral checks.

When you think about it, it makes sense, doesn't it?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create area boundaries? By Zip Code? Town?

We break things down by town or neighborhood and not by zip code.

How Big An Area Can I Get? My County? My Town?

This is an extremely important question. The reality is that from a technical and marketing perspective your portal will work best in a smaller area with a population up to 25,000 people. The ideal market size is about 10,000 people. If your area is bigger than 25,000 people we prefer to break things down into a number of smaller projects.

Plus don't forget about the cost.

What if I live in a large City?

If you live in a large city we like to break things down by Neighborhood. It's basically impossible for us to technically build a portal for a large city but we can create a beautiful portal for a Neighborhood.

How does the Referral Plan Option work?

If you select the Referral Plan you will pay a referral fee of 25% for all closings generated through the portal. To make things fair you can submit a list of past clients who are exempt from the referral plan.

Do I still pay referral fees after I buy the portal?

No. As soon as you buy the portal you own everything and no longer pay any referral fees. Obviously if you're getting a large number of referrals you will be crazy not to buy me out ASAP.

When can I buy the Portal?

You can buy the portal at any time over the next 3 years. Or you can walk away at any time. This way you get to see how the portal performs before you invest too much money.

Who adds content to the portal?

This has turned out to be trickier than we thought so we've decided that we will add all the initial content and then ask you to add one blog post a week.