Real Estate Tools – GoConnect

Real Estate Tools – GoConnect

GoConnect is one of my favorite real estate tools that acts as a Mobile CRM and checklist app for real estate agents.

It’s basically an app for your phone that you can use as a CRM to manage contacts, contracts and closings.

But hang on, if that sounds more like a transaction management app it’s because it is also helps you manage the transaction.

Think about it like this – GoConnect took the entire real estate transaction process, from lead capture to post closing, excluding lead generation, documented thousands of check points and converted them all into a seamless task flow and beautiful mobile app for agents.

It was hard enough to construct that last sentence never mind build out an intuitive and easy-to-use mobile app that manages and perfectly organizes thousands of tasks and rules.

The takeaway for you is that you can download the app for free and use your phone stay on top of your real estate contacts and transactions. But remember that its not a prospecting tool so don’t dump all your contacts that you collected over your career into the app. It needs to stay fast and nimble and useful.

The mobile interface embraces the fundamentals of mobile design. Swipe, tap and color co-ordinated visual tasks. There is no desktop version. There’s a fundamental shift in how we use technology and you’re going to see more and more developer stop building websites and only create mobile apps.

There is a Pro version of the app. It’s affordable and offers a number of enhancements but you don’t need it to get started as the free version is more than enough (until you get hooked).

Download the iPhone App.

Download the Android App.

You’re going to love the GoConnect app if you’re serious about streamlining your business, being a mobile agent and having everything at your finger tips.

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