10 Places to get Great Real Estate Content to Share on Social Media

10 Places to get Great Real Estate Content to Share on Social Media

If you’re struggling to find things to post on your Facebook account here are 10 Places to get Great Real Estate Content to Share on Social Media.

Social media has evolved to the point where you can no longer fake engagement or post poor quality content.

That’s good and bad news.

The bad part is that because organic reach has shrunk so dramatically you absolutely need your viewers to like, share and engage with your posts.

That’s because when they engage with your posts the social network will share that engagement with your friend’s network thereby increasing your organic reach and promoting you to new potential clients.

This places a premium on publishing quality content that is interesting, relevant and “share worthy” to your friends.

The good news is that you don’t need to write your own original content. You can supplement your original work with curated content – that’s proven to drive engagement – from a number of real estate, home design and lifestyle websites.

The best part is that you can see how much engagement each post gets by looking at their public stats for likes, shares and comments. This means you don’t need to guess about the “share worthiness” of the content as you can instantly see its likes, shares and comments.

Important Note

Don’t lift and plagiarize content.

If the content is already on social media it is really easy and 100% OK to share the content to your own profile, groups and pages. The key is to write your own status update with a short intro about the content.

If you want to write a blog post about the content then write your own introduction about the post and then link back to the original content.

Where to I Find Quality Content

To help you find quality content we created a list of real estate, design and lifestyle sites that publish top quality content.

Real Estate News

I follow 3 main real estate sites to get real estate news:


Inman News (paid)

The Real Daily (free)

Home Design and Improvement

Everyone loves home design and improvement ideas. To start with they are very visual and perfect for reposting to social media. Look for visually interesting topics like Tiny Houses, Opulent Stair Cases and Cascading Pools. Your visitors love to share beautiful images about features they would love to have in their own home.

House Logic (by Reakltor.com


Design Milk

Dwelling Gawker

Apartment Therapy


House Beautiful

Country Living

Digital Trends

Home Trends

Another way to find quality content is to search sites that aggregate and curate content.


Buzzsumo is like a popularity search engine.

Type in a search term, broad like real estate or specific like tiny houses, and Buzzsumo will give you a list of results that includes how often the content has been shared on social media.


Pinterest has thousands of real estate, design and home boards packed with amazing content.  Be careful, Pinterest is addictive and one site leads to another and another, until you end up spending hours down the rabbit hole.

If you haven’t done so already create a free profile on Pinterest and publish a Board about home design. Then repin home design ideas to the board and share your pins on other social networks.


Houzz is a home design and improvement site that is packed to the rafters with home design posts that include beautiful images. It’s a treasure trove for curated content.

If you haven’t done so already create a free account and profile on Houzz.

Real Estate Listings

You’re in the real estate business so don’t forget to post real estate listings.

Here’s the key – the listings don’t need to be yours!

The best thing about social media is that when anyone, including another Realtor, posts an image of a listing on a social network, they also automatically give you permission to share and repost that listing on your own social profile, page or group.

Follow the same procedure as before. Share the image to your own profile, page and group; add your own status update; include a link to your own website or IDX search page with a call to action.

There is always a small risk that your visitors “leak” out of your site and end up at the other Realtors site, but it’s worth it for the best listings.

Search your MLS for the best and most interesting listings (like the most expensive listing or a historic home), go to the listing agent’s website, click on their link to their Facebook page and see if the listing was posted on Facebook. If yes, you already have permission to repost it. If no, you can always ask the other agent for permission to promote the listing.

Another great idea is to post celebrity listings. It’s easy to find celebrity listing and people are fascinated by how and where celebrities live.

Start Reposting Today

You now have over 10 websites to follow and use as a source of curated content to repost on your own social media sites. Start posting today, at least 2 articles a day, and watch how you engagement dramatically increases and starts converting into new clients.

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