3 Essential Marketing Resources from NAR

3 Essential Marketing Resources from NAR

NAR Realtor LogoThe National Association of Realtors (NAR) provides a number of real estate marketing resources that you can use in your local marketing campaigns.

For the most part the marketing resources are free or heavily discounted to Realtors and use buyer and seller data from NAR’s research reports.

The tricky part is being able to find them so we created three easy links for you to follow:

Buying and Selling Marketing Toolkit for Buyers and Sellers

The free marketing toolkit consists of a Buyer Presentation, a Seller Presentation and a number of post cards and infographics. The graphic work is functional and OK but the real value of the toolkit lies in the incorporation of buyer, seller and housing statistics. The data is taken from NAR’s report on the Profile of Home Buyers and SellersĀ and will help you at a buyer or seller presentation.

NAR Research on Pinterest

NAR does a great job of creating visual images and infographics from research data. The visuals are easy to follow (so we understand them) and visually attractive (so we can use them in our marketing).

And the best place to get them all neatly organized in one place is the NAR Research Pinterest Board.

It’s really easy to grab one of NAR’s images or infographics and incorporate it into your newsletter, blog or marketing material.

NAR Research Reports

NAR produces a significant number of detailed research reports into the housing industry, the economy (as it impacts real estate) and buyer and selling trends. The reports are all available for download or purchase at the NAR Research Reports Hub.

Available reports include Market Data, like Local Housing Market reports; Buyer and Seller Data, like the excellent Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers; and reports about the real estate industry, the main players, trending technology etc.

A quick tip – to make sense of all the data follow NAR’s blog and press releases where they always write their own summary and review of the research report. Most press releases also include a number of important statistical tables that you can easily incorporate into your own marketing campaigns (without actually buying the report).

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