Course – REMCamp Express

Course – REMCamp Express

The REMCamp Express is a 3-Step course designed to build your first digital marketing platform so you can generate leads and find clients on the Internet.

The Express is the fastest way to get online and is the bare minimum that every Realtor needs to do to find clients online.

The key to the REMCamp Express is it’s the fastest and easiest way to build a simple but professional digital platform. It cuts right to the chase and can get you up and running in just one day.

The course consists of three modules:

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Module 1 – Set Up an Email Manager and Email Marketing Service.

You will use an email manager, like MailChimp, to create email capture forms that you will add to your website, blog and landing  pages and to broadcast messages to your prospect lists.

Module 2 – Set up a Local Community Blog, Real Estate Website and Landing Pages.

You may already have a blog and website. If not this is the easiest and cheapest way to set up your web presence. If you do have your own sites this will help you focus on the highest converting tools and plugins that you need to add to your sites.

We use a free REMCamp blog for the community blog and recommend Placester for your real estate blog. Placester is just $5 per month for Realtors – that’s a crazy good deal.

We’ll show you how to set up and fine tune your website and blog and how to create the right landing pages.

We’ll also integrate your websites with your email manager so you seamlessly build your email and prospect lists.

Module 3 – Set up your CRM Manager.

The final step is to set up your CRM manager so you can add your contacts, capture new prospects and manage how you distribute, share and close leads.

Most Realtors don’t use a CRM system and throw away leads. That’s crazy in the digital age, especially when you have less than a minute to get back to leads before they dump you and contact another agent or when you need to incubate a lead for a long period of time as they prepare to enter the market.

The key to your CRM system is to create a seamless work flow process that integrates with your email manager and your website, blog and landing pages. The REMCamp Express will show you exactly how to do this so you don’t waste any leads.

Download The REMCamp Express Course

You can immediately access and download the REMCamp Express Course by clicking on the link below.

The course costs $17 and includes:

  • 3 Modules
  • Video Training
  • PowerPoint Slides
  • Course Overview

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