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The REMCamp Network

The REMCamp network consists of thousands of real estate professionals who have "gone digital" and have adapted their marketing to generate leads from the Internet.

Our agents recognize that their clients are online and that they need the best marketing advice, tips and tactics to find and convert online leads into clients.

Our Network

  • Digital Agents

    Our agents recognize the need for the best digital marketing advice and training and are always looking to follow experts who know how to generate and close leads from the Internet.

  • All the Leading Brands

    REMCamp members are affiliated with all the leading real estate brands all across North America.

  • Active Purchasers

    REMCamp members actively purchase and subscriber to training, products and technology recommended by REMCamp and by fellow REMCamp members.

Your Products and Services

  • Increase Sales

    Increase your sale with instant access to a highly targeted network of agents who are prepared to purchase the right products

  • Custom Promotions

    If we love your content we’ll create custom campaigns, like email blasts and webinars, to promote you to our network.

  • More Followers and Fans

    We’ll publish and promote your content to tens of thousands of agents in our various social network group.

Get Paid - Earn Affiliate Commission

We'll automatically enroll you into the REMCamp Affiliate Network so you can earn affiliate commission whenever your content attracts new agents to REMCamp.

It's quite simple really. WE will embed your affiliate link into all your content. If a reader clicks on your link and becomes a REMCamp member you will earn an affiliate commission on all their purchased products.

Things You Will Love About the REMCamp Network ...

The Price 

You get free instant access to a highly targeted network of real estate professionals who are already conditioned to purchased the best training, tools and products.

Community of Marketers 

You get instant access to a community of like-minded marketers who share ideas, feedback and recommendations. We'll add you to our private Facebook and LinkedIn Groups with over 40,000 members.

Right to Give Away Our Marketing Training

As a contributor you not only get free access to the REMCamp Training site but you also get the right to giveaway our advanced digital marketing training to any of your clients.

Showcase Your Expertise

You're the expert. If we love you're content we'll design a number of custom promotions to showcase your expertise and encourage agents to subscribe and follow you on social media.

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