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Includes all 30 modules of the REMCamp Digital Marketing Training and the 5 Essential Real Estate Reports That Every Realtor Needs To Convert Online Home Buyers and Sellers Into Clients!

Here's the simple truth about the new digital world ... home buyers and sellers go online to search for homes and local real estate information.

If you want to earn your share of commission from online prospects you need be online.

And the easiest way to connect with prospects online is to give them what they want - quality local real estate information.


Real Estate Report

Neighborhood Report

School Report

Home Value Report

10 Best Things Report

Free reports are the most successful and proven way to convert anonymous visitors to your website into contacts, prospects and clients (a.k.a. - commission checks).

It's internet marketing 101 - you give away free valuable real estate information in return for your visitor's contact details.


  • Most Popular Topics

    You get any the 5 most popular report topics requested and downloaded by visitors to real estate websites.

  • Customized For You

    Each report can be customized with your brand, logo, name, contact details and images that reflect your market area.

  • Master Templates

    You get the Master Templates so you can reuse each report by adding unique content for your different markets.

  • Beautiful Design

    Each report template is beautifully designed in PowerPoint and is easily converted into a Pdf document.

Here's What The Reports Look Like!

Take a look at the Fully Customizable and Fully Editable Real Estate Market Report

The Real Estate Market Report

The Real Estate Market Report is the most popular real estate report.

We'll break down the individual pages to show you what the report looks like and give you the blueprint that you can customize for your own market.

The text, branding and contact details are 100% customizable.

Each report is created in PowerPoint and is easily converted into a PDF document.

Clean Professional Design


It's important that your reports offer a clean and professional design that reflects your brand and image.

Your branded report cover page allows your prospects to get an instant snapshot of your real estate market while encouraging them to read the whole report for your detailed market analysis.

Personal Branding

The Market Introduction page showcases your personal branding with your image (or any image you want) and reinforces your position as a local real estate market expert.

The photo, text, branding and contact details are 100% customizable.

Market Highlights

The Highlights page is a market snapshot with a headline area and a text area where you can share how the market performed.

This page was designed as a text page that you can reuse to add any content about your market place.

Visual Dashboard

The whole world has gone digital and visual.

The real estate dashboard page allows you to create an easy-to-read visual overview of how your market has performed. It's eye-catching and much easier to read (and share) than boring old text.

It's also easy to use this page as a stand-alone graphic that you can brand and post on social media or use in a blog post.

By The Numbers

We added a data graph page so you can easily plot data like median home and average sales price. It makes the data visual and easy to understand.

You don't need to be a deep numbers person to plot your own graphs.

Future Forecast

It's essential that you not only share historical real estate market data but that you also tell your audience what you think is going to happen in the future.

This is your opportunity to share your market expertise and establish yourself as a local market expert.

Tailormade Advice


The last step is to break your audience down into different categories (like buyers, sellers or investors) and then tailor-make your advice for that category.

The category page allows you to create content for each category.

Agent Bio

You need a professional Agent Bio that includes your contact details, reviews and highlights an achievement or area of expertise.

Company Contact

The Company Contact page allows you to add all your contact details and a final Call-to-Action.

We also left a little space so you can add a postal address in case you want to print the report and mail it to your local farm area.

Graphics Gallery

We added a graphics gallery so you can mix and match graphics and customize each page to look exactly the way you want it to look.

Each graphic is a png file that can be copy and pasted into your report.

Plus You Get The Report Covers (Worth $97)

When you become a member you also get access to hundreds of report covers that you can package with your reports.

Spiral Real Estate Report Cover

The spiral report cover is the most popular report cover and immediately tells your visitor that the report is in digital format and is available for instant viewing.

You can add the report cover as a graphic to your website, landing pages or email campaigns as it looks professional and dramatically increases conversion rates.

You can also customize the report cover with your market area and website address.

Flat Real Estate Report Cover

The flat report cover can also be used as a graphic to represent the availability of your real estate report.

I also like to use the flat cover as the cover of my actual report. You can stretch the graphic to cover the entire first page to give your report a beautiful and professional design.

Plus you can customize the report cover to match your market area and website address.

The report covers really makes your reports stand out and help convert your visitors into new clients.

Give Home Buyers And Sellers The Information That They Want!

Home buyers and sellers go online to do 2 things - search for homes for sale and search for local area and local real estate information.

And when they go online to search for local information, they primarily search for information about the following five things - local real estate market, neighborhood, schools, things that impact home values and things to do.

That's why You need these 5 Professional Real Estate Reports - to close your share of the 90% of home buyers and sellers who go online to look for real estate information.

Here's how you can get your own beautifully designed professional report templates ...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Format are the Reports?

Each report comes in a PowerPoint format and is 100% editable and customizable. You don't need any technical skills and can easily edit content, insert your images and literally change or customize any graphic element.

Why PowerPoint?

Everyone knows how to use PowerPoint. Design programs like Photoshop and even Publisher are just too technical for most people - so we used the simplest program.

How do I create a PDF Document?

PowerPoint allows you to save your slide deck as a PDF document. Simply click on the save as button and choose the PDF option. It's much easier and more secure to send the report as a PDF document.

Turn The Report Into A Video

It's just as easy to turn your report into a video. PowerPoint lets you save slides as a PDF or a video.

Do I Need Photoshop or Graphic Designer  Skills?

No - no Photoshop (yippee) and no designer skills. That's the whole point!

Why is the Price so much Cheaper than Hiring a Graphic Designer?

The main reason is that we already paid a designer for the master templates and can now share them with you at a much cheaper price.

Can I Speak to Someone?

Yes - you can email me at If we can't handle things by email I'll set up a phone call or online chat.