Quick Start

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Digital Marketing

REMCamp is your home for practical digital marketing training designed and tested specifically for the real estate industry. Your clients are online so let's go get them!

Micro Learning

In the past we recorded hour long training sessions and added them to each training module. We're changing that approach and have adopted a "micro lending" format that allows you to learn in short, bite-sized sessions.

Practical Marketing Material

We've also make a shift towards creating practical marketing templates that you can quickly and easily personalize and customize for your own marketing campaigns - no tech skills required!

Training Modules

The training section is broken down into 30 modules. The first half covers planning and setting up your digital marketing platform. The second half covers specific marketing channels and campaigns, like email marketing and social media marketing.

Marketing Templates

The training includes reference to specific marketing material. Whenever we reference a marketing piece we also like to create a template that you can personalize and customize for your own marketing campaigns. As an example, we teach the value of creating local real estate reports and have provided you with our fully editable templates that you can use to create your own local reports.


We believe in marketing systems and have added a section with a focus on more niche ways of building your real estate business. A system is just a particular way of doing things, like targeting FSBO's or expired listings. Our systems concentrate on digital marketing opportunities and will be at the vanguard of our new training through 2019.