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Focused on Lead Capture

The key to LeadSites is their focus on converting website visitors into contacts and leads.

The development team has a strong internet marketing background that understands how to get visitors to give you their contact details. This is critical as there is nothing worse than having a qualified prospect visit your website and then leave without contacting you or leaving contact details.

Conversion. Conversion. Conversion.

Your Own In-House Tech Team

The quality that I love most about LeadSites is the support and website management.

They basically act as your internal tech department to make sure your digital marketing platform is set up properly and runs properly.

It's hard to put a price on that until you're left helpless by someone who sold you a website and left you on your own.

Focus on Content

  • Blog Posts

    LeadSites will write your blog posts. SEO and Google optimized.

  • Social Media Ready

    Designed to convert social media post and ad campaigns into new contacts and leads.

  • Brand Everything

    Prominently displays, showcases and promotes your brand to develop authority and trust.

Focused on Real Estate

  • IDX

    Full and enhanced IDX integration with your MLS.

  • Landing Pages

    Unique landing pages for reports, guides and listings.

  • Calls to Action

    Numerous CTA’s built seamlessly into each site and designed to get your visitor to take action and contact you.

Personalized Templates

LeadSites offer a number of website templates that you can personalize for your business.

The templates look professional and will enhance your brand.

But it's what they do under the hood that is really important.

Things You Will Love About LeadSites ...

Easy. Easy. Easy

You will be up and running within 24 hours of ordering a LeadSite.

The development team handles everything and personalizes you site with your brand and  optimizes your lead capture and lead conversion.

Conversion Tool Suite 

LeadSites uses a suite of conversion tools that you will see on all the top internet marketing sites.

Written Blog Posts

The LeadSites team will write your blog posts. Seriously. It's amazing how difficult it is for most Realtors to write a simple blog post. No time. No Ideas.

Enhanced IDX

Each LeadSite comes with enhanced IDX that integrates with your MLS. The IDX solution is a third party solution that LeadSites will set up and personalize for you.

Lead Notification

Each LeadSite has a lead notification system that immediately notifies you of new lead activity and creates automatic replies to prospects.

CRM Integration

Lead sites provide integration into all the popular CRM and email management software.

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