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IDX allows you to pull listing data from your MLS and show it on your website. This allows visitors to your website to search all MLS homes for sale directly from your website.

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Notes and Tips

Here are a number of notes and tips to help you choose the right IDX solution:

  • No IDX - There is a trend towards not having IDX on your website. Just add a WordPress plugin with your own listings and maybe a few featured listings. If you adopt this strategy then you'll save $600 a year but you need to adapt your lead capture and response and reach out to your prospects before they use another Realtor's IDX.
  • SEO and Frames - The biggest complaint about IDX is that their frame technology gives all the SEO benefit to the IDX provider and not your website. Ask if your IDX provider uses frames.
  • Enhanced IDX - Some IDX providers are better than others. The biggest difference is the tools they offer to manage, display and distribute listing data and capture visitor's contact details.

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