Local Marketing

Your real estate website is the foundation of your digital marketing strategy. Picking the right website provider is a decision you need to get right. Below is a list of recommended website providers at different price points.

Google My Business

Local Business Registry



Local Business Directory


Bright Local

Local SEO Tools



Local Listing Dashboard


Notes and Tips

Here are a number of notes and tips to help you choose the right local marketing solutions:

  • Local SEO - Local marketing is all about Local SEO (search engine optimization). Google likes local content and favors local results, especially from mobile searches.
  • Local Directories - Local directories allow you to register local businesses and are valued backlinks to your website
  • Mobile Location Services - Mobile devices are GPS enabled. This means companies like Google or Yelp know where you are when you conduct a search on your phone and can show you nearby results.
  • Reviews - Local marketing and reviews have intersected making it essential that you publish online reviews about your business

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