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Introducing - The Expert Local Real Estate Content Platform

Leverage the power and authority of the Real Estate Advocate domain, website and national network to attract new clients and join a community of Realtors who are dedicated to raising the bar and providing expert local real estate advice and representation.


90% of home buyers and sellers go online  to (1) search for homes and (2) to find local real estate information!

The Large Real Estate Portals, Like Zillow, Trulia and, Dominate Online Real Estate Search

It's a fact that the large real estate portals dominate online real estate search.

It's very difficult to compete with sites like Zillow as they have hundreds of millions of dollars dedicated to attracting home buyers and sellers to their websites.

You just can't fairly compete with them prospects who go online to search for homes.

Your Clients Want Expert Local Real Estate Content

Your clients don't only go online to search for homes. They also go online to find expert local real estate information, advice and resources.

The good news is that this is the area where you can not only compete with the large portals but can completely dominate the competition to attract home buyers and sellers.

That's because at the very heart of our business we provide expert local real estate advice, information and representation to our clients. We do it on a daily basis when clients ask us questions like What can I buy for $400,000?" or "where is the best high school?"

The problem is that most of this information is in our heads.

We need to get this information out of our heads and published online so clients can find us, get to know and trust us and hire us to buy or sell a home. will pool the collective expertise of thousands of local Realtors to provide the premier content platform for home buyers, sellers, renters, investors and owners.

The large real estate portals just can't do that!


Because raises the bar by creating a national network of local real estate advocates who pledge to provide unbiased advice and expert local real estate content.

A National Content Hub at

Real Estate Advocate is built as a network of thousands of local real estate sites with as the national hub.

Vistors to the national hub can view national real estate information, like a buyer or seller guide, but are redirected to local area sites for expert local real estate information.

A Network of Thousands of Local Area Subdomains

Every town in the United States and Canada has its own local local site on and every local site has a Realtor who is appointed as the local Real Estate Advocate.

This allows local visitors to connect with a local Realtor.

Expert local Real Estate Advice

Local Real Estate Advocates are asked to provide a minimum of four consumer focused articles about their real estate market.

The articles must be unbiased, consumer focused and about an important local housing issue.

This is exactly the local content that home buyers and sellers look for on the Internet.

Here's How You Get New Clients From Real Estate Advocate

Direct Leads from

All local visitors on are redirected to the local area site.

The main hub at acts as the starting point to attract visitors, determine where they live and then help them navigate to the local site to view expert local real estate information.

Direct Search Engine Traffic (SEO)

Although the main domain receives the highest quality search engine benefit (SEO), the local area sites also receive significant search engine traffic.

This is because each local site is recognized as its own site by the search engines and appear in search results.

Indirect Search Engine Traffic for Your Own Website (SEO)

In addition to direct search engine traffic to you local area site, you can also backlink from to your business websites and blogs.

Back linking from an authority site like has huge SEO benefits and will raise the overall search profile of all your websites.

Become a Local Real Estate Advocate TODAY

(before your competitor takes your town)

Here Is What You Get When You Get Started Today...

1 - Unique Username on

As soon as you join you'll get a unique username on

Your username will be

It might not sound like a big deal now but it's always important to own your own name and brand ... especially as the site grows.

2 - Fully Customizable Profile Site on

You will get your own fully customizable profile page to showcase you, your brand and your real estate business.

To be specific, your profile page is actually a WordPress blog that you can personalize and customize to present a professional profile to visitors and prospects on

Your profile site comes with all the plugins and tools to capture and convert visitors into new contacts and clients.

3 - Exclusive Area Subdomain and Website on

Most visitors to the main website come to the site for local real estate information. We'll redirect visitors from your area to your local subdomain site.

There can be only one area site so each site is exclusive and has a unique subdomain on the main website. As an example, if your town is Boulder, Colorado your website would be set up at

Each local site comes with a fully loaded WordPress blog together with all the plugins and tools you need to convert visitors into clients.

4 - Personal Licensing Rights to Expert Real Estate Articles

Our team of writers will create a ton of expert real estate content that you can repackage and reuse on your own newsletter, blog and websites.

This is a personalize license that allows you to repurpose each article for your own marketing. We do ask that you personalize the article and make it your own, especially for SEO purposes.

It's like having your own team of expert bloggers who create all the content you need to position yourself as a real estate expert and attract new clients.

5 - Real Estate Advocate Designation

Local Realtors who meet the criteria receive the Real Estate Advocate designation.

The designation allows you to use the Real Estate Advocate name and display the REA designation to your prospects and clients.

Here are two simple options for you to become the Local Real Estate Advocate


Option #2 - Register Your County

You also have the option to register your County.

We created this option because many of us work on a County level, especially in rural areas.

When you register your County you will get an exclusive subdomain site at

There is exclusivity as only one person can get the County name and subdomain, but please note that the town names will still be available. You do have the option of reserving the County and main towns.

The price per County is $100 per year.


Become a Real Estate Advocate Today

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If you want to discuss anything, please send an email to

No Referral or Hidden Fees

The best part about Real Estate Advocate is that there are no referral fees, transactions fees or any hidden fees.

All you pay is an annual licensing fee.

This means you don't need to worry about the source of the client, tracking referrals or driving traffic out of back to your business website.

Your only obligation to Real Estate Advocate is to represent prospects with integrity, honesty and professionalism.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create area boundaries? By Zip Code? Town?

We break things down by County, Town or Neighborhood and not by zip code. We do this for SEO purposes so we can compete with the large portals.

How Big An Area Can I Get? My County? My Town?

This is an extremely important question. We primarily broke everything down by County and Town. You can register a County or Town (as long as it's still available).

What's Better - a County or a Town?

There are pros and cons to both. A County can have a large population, especially if it includes a major metropolitan city, but towns work better for SEO purposes.

What if I live in a large City?

If you live in a large city (population over 200,000) we like to break things down by Neighborhood. We like to group a number of neighborhoods together and allow one local advocate per grouping. Each city is divided on an individual basis so we can make things as fair as possible.

Do I pay referral fees or any other fees?

No. There are no hidden fees. All you pay is the annual license fee.

Can I Create Backlinks to My Company Website?

Yes. You can create backlinks to any website and drive traffic from to your websites. All we require is that you represent prospects with integrity, honestly and professionalism.

Who adds content to

Our team of expert bloggers will create and all all the content on the main website. This content will be general in nature and will be written for national audience.

You agree to add a minimum of four articles a year to your local site. This content will be local and must be consumer focused. You can write about the local real estate market or hot local housing issues.