Zillow for Real Estate Report

Zillow for Real Estate Report

Zillow for Real Estate Report CoverThe Zillow for Real Estate Report gives you a road map for how to use Zillow to attract both free and paid real estate leads.

The real estate portals, and Zillow in particular, dominate the number one activity performed by home buyers and sellers – real estate search.

Zillow attracts more traffic than any other real estate website and has successfully generated hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate commission for Realtors who advertise on their website.

But there’s a right way and a wrong way to work with Zillow. We’ve researched and tested the best free and paid marketing tools that you can use to generate leads from Zillow – including a number of underground tactics!

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We’re in no way affiliated with Zillow and have no interest or rights to the Zillow name or trademark. The views expressed in this report, especially the underground marketing ideas, are in no way endorsed by Zillow.


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